Welcome to Big Skid … we’re working on it

Yeah, we know … we know.  Usually we like to have a website FINISHED before we LAUNCH IT.  You know what, we’re going 100 mph and sometimes good enough is good enough … especially when you’re good like us.  🙂

A Big Welcome for Big Skid

BigSkid.com is the new home for the rapidly growing network of Automotive, Home and Lifestyle user communities that many of you have known for the better part of a decade.  We figured it was time to put-up or shut-up and go all in with some partners and develop a world-class network of web communities developed for the greater good.

Automotive – You already know GM Truck Club and many of you know Toyota Truck Club.  Did you know we have a whole master plan to build/acquire user communities for Ford, Dodge Ram, Nissan and others.  Plus we’re breathing life back into some of our older sites and have plans to go after more than just trucks as well.


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